About us

Dor Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1978 in Jerusalem by Yechiel Levy, as an engineering consultation and project construction company. Since then, until this day, for more than 40 years the company has been a leader in the field of drive systems and industrial automation in Israel. Dor Engineering serves thousands of loyal customers throughout the country, which benefit from advanced services and leading products that Dor Engineering provides, which are suitable for organizations working in many different fields, including manufacturers of machines, industrial plans, service providers and system installers.

Dor Engineering represents major leading companies in the world in the manufacturing of machine drive components.
The company serves as the supplier of mechanical, electrical and electronic drive components, as a designer of motion and machine controls according to customer requirements, relying on comprehensive planning headed by a senior, uncompromising team of engineers.
Dor Engineering makes available to its customers the best mechanical engineers in the fields of electricity, control, electronics and computers, who are behind more than 100,000 installation of automation systems.

Over the years, the company has become a symbol of expertise in the electromechanical drive systems field, owing to its rich experience in many projects covering a wide spectrum of industrial plants and owing to the quality of its equipment, its excellent service network, personal treatment and its ability to provide smart solutions even for non-routine applications.
From 2008, Dor Engineering has also been operating in the field of renewable energy systems, with great focus on photovoltaic systems and based on the large amount of knowledge that it has acquired over the years, in the field of control systems and industrial power systems. Through a winning combination of knowledge, personal treatment and equipment of the highest standards, and of course excellent service, Dor Engineering has also become a leader in the renewable energy field in Israel.

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Our Values

Dor Engineering is a company of people who operate out of a connection and commitment to the core values of the company, which accompany it through action and who have always been at the base of all of its work processes.

  • Leading technology

    In a world in which success is measured in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and dynamism, we are determined to provide for our customers innovative technologies that are some of the most advanced in the world, which are translated by the best of our engineers into specialized solutions that are suited to their needs. As the exclusive representative of the best customers that are leaders in their field in the world, we allow our customers to aim higher and reach business results that represent breakthroughs.

  • Trusted Partnership

    The close relationships between us along with our loyal clientele over the years feature a wide spectrum of uncompromising principles for providing reliable, high quality and fair service. Owing to close accompaniment, from the concept stage through design to execution and regular maintenance, our customers enjoy a true partnership that is based on honest listening, maximum availability and understanding of the unique needs of each of them. We consider the partnership with our strategic partners, our employees and the community in which we work to be an important value too.

  • Dynamic Innovation

    In a dynamic business environment, which incessantly, changes, we are aiming to lead a reality in which change is a significant, inseparable part of our customers’ success. Our boldness and determination to provide added value guide us in providing solutions to the range of challenges, based on personal, professional and social responsibility. We consider ourselves committed to constant learning, which allows us to anticipate the next change and lead our customers in a combination of creativity and wisdom to make winning business decisions.

  • Smart solutions

    Our constant insistence on finding the smart, correct solutions that we provide is based on a tradition of excellence and uncompromising aiming at providing a first class engineering and professional answer. Through a combination of conceptual flexibility, innovative creativity and expertise over many years, we challenge ourselves and our customers in every stage to aim for integrative projects that are based on a holistic view and systemic thinking.

  • Proven Quality

    A reputation of 30 years of activity according to the highest ethic and professional standards and a commitment to compliance with strict international standards promise our customers, in each new project, the best quality products and services. Through uncompromising professionalism, which is based on knowledge and deep familiarity with the various fields, we are proud to stand behind thousands of success stories, which have come true with the help of complex, multidisciplinary solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

We strive to offer our customers financial value by providing them with industry-leading, engineering-driven, technological solutions for industrial automation, motion control and renewable energy systems.

Our experts’ 35 years of commitment to excellence, enables us to lead our customers to foster even greater success in their business.