• Motion and automation systems

    We lead the field of motion systems and industrial automation in Israel for 30 years. The company has proven success in many projects in a wide range of industries thanks to the quality of the equipment and the ability to provide optimal solutions.

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  • Planning and implementation of projects

    We outline intelligent integrated solutions based on a combination of first-class engineering capabilities, advanced technologies and high-quality and reliable equipment.

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  • Our Services

    We make sure that for your investment will be higher and faster reimbursement. We outline integrated solutions based on a combination of first-class engineering capabilities, advanced technologies and high-quality equipment.

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Dor Engineering has specialized, since it was founded in 1978, in providing technological solutions for industrial automation, electromechanical drive and renewable energy systems. Dor Engineering represents leading international companies in their field and combines the import and marketing of advanced equipment with engineering and technical support services.
The engineers in the fields of electricity, mechanics, electronics and software support a wide spectrum of complex projects that are matched to the requirements of the customers of the company. The availability of products, professional service and personal attitude, along with a commitment to excellence, accrued experience and knowledge, make Dor Engineering a leader in its field and a natural partner in the success of its customers.

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Our Products

Dor Engineering has extensive experience in providing solutions in the field of propulsion for all types of motors commonly used in the industry today: stepper motors, servo motors, DC motors, linear motors, and more.

Dor Engineering offers a wide range of products in the field of mechanical drive components, which include gears and transmission systems: A Turntable Indexer, Fine Cyclo and more.

Dor Engineering specializes in the marketing and implementation of equipment and systems for advanced technologies that offer intelligent solutions in the areas of control and automation systems.

Dor Engineering specializes in providing solutions for software, one of the most prominent platforms we work with is the Codesys platform, and the SYPT Pro software.

Why us?

38 years of experience

Our company was established in 1978, since then we are the leading company in the field of propulsion systems and industrial automation in Israel.

Thousands of satisfied customers

We serve faithfully thousands of customers across the country, who benefit from advanced services and most leading products in full respective for various work.

Representation of leading international companies

Dor engineering represents the best of the world’s leading companies producing components of the propulsion machinery. The company is the provider of mechanical drive components, and electrical and electronic planner, traffic control and the machine according to customer requirements

Qualified and professional personnel

We offer our customers the best engineers in the areas of electrical machines, controls, electronics and computers, behind more than 100,000 installations of computerized propulsion systems and industrial automation.

Uncompromised Service

Based on the comprehensive planning  led by a senior and uncompromising engineering team ,we provide our customers with uncompromising service network, including personal attitude and ability to provide solutions also brilliant unconventional applications.

Sustained dynamics

We strive to lead a situation where significant change is part and parcel of the success of our customers. Courage and determination for the provision of value-added guide us when we come to address a variety of challenges, from a personal and professional responsibility

Our Projects


Dor Engineering has expertise in automation for fabric industry plants that feature the supply of drive systems for complex production environments.

Dor Engineering specializes in comprehensive technological solutions for automation and control systems in the cement and mineral industries


The staff at Dor Engineering are experts in providing solutions that satisfy the demanding requirements of the metal industry.

Dor Engineering provides full support for Cranes operation system, development and adjustment to specialized needs.

Machine Manufacturing

Dor Engineering has helped machine manufacturers to provide added value to their customers: saving energy, operational flexibility and higher than ever performance levels.

Dor Engineering has executed hundreds of projects in the food and beverage industry and provides comprehensive solutions for automation and drive systems.

Dor Engineering has been providing advanced solutions for the rubber and plastic industries using advanced drive systems from Emerson Control Techniques.

Dor Engineering has a reputation and proven success in the machine control and drive control field for digital printing machines – web and sheet fed.

Dor Engineering supplies a full automation solution for automatic parking lots and warehouses. The company specializes in sophisticated motion controls.

Paper Industry

Dor Engineering provides innovative technological solution for automation and driving in the paper industry, which support increased outputs, reduced costs and improved quality of the products.

Customers & Partners