Nexans specializes in the production of the cables for protection, at sea, in order to transfer data, robotics, communications, industrial electronics, and in voice and video transmission.

The company’s products are used in the following industries following:
Protection: It produces cables for shooting systems,weapons systems, communications via land and air and naval radar data, control and management systems of the
Air traffic, and optoelectronic systems, fire control, maritime traffic management systems (VTMS), and digital integrated communications security sectors.

Optical: supply cables for telecommunications, local area networks internal / external, wide area network, installation in buildings, video / audio / data transmission facilities with high safety level and reliable electrical-optical applications.

Telecommunications: supply cables for standard mobile telephony, telephone exchanges, switching systems, antennas, RF radio link facilities, PDH and SDH technology, BSC and BTS, UMTS and TETRA networks.
Also specialization in sub-marine and marine cables for marine radars air communication and data transmission, and sub-marine cables Marine for optoelectronic fire control systems and more.

Applications include telecommunications, machines and robots, electronics, marine, medical, transports, defense, and fiber optics.