Founded in 1996, Intercontec quickly grew into a market leader in engine encoder connections. The company supply Robotic, Signal, Power & Communication Cables. This is partly due to its commitment to unrivaled quality, modular product offering and passion for innovation.
Intercontec connectors are designed, built and assembled at one of four locations across Germany. Their extensive product range comes from research and continuous development in order to reduce time to market, and to provide the best solution available to the author for their clients.
These include, but are not limited to, the food and beverage industry, packaging, printing, robotics, stage and lighting and renewable energy, culminating in the
The most thorough collection of the M15, M17, M23, M40 and M58 connectors are available.

Intercontec has partnered with Electro-Matic integrated as a technical source and their distribution for all of North America.