T-T Electric

T-T Electrics formerly Thrige Electric is a world-class provider of AC and DC industrial motors.
T-T Electrics was founded over 115 years ago, behind her years of success in the manufacture a variety of high-quality industrial DC motors and AC motors for variable speed applications.
The company offers innovative and cost effective solutions for all industrial environments and providing extensive maintenance and repairs.
It also offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective and reliable drive products all of which are in use all over the world even in the most difficult applications in all industrial sectors.
T-T Electrics committed to working in partnership with its customers, focusing on complete and innovative solutions and extensive support services delivery. These include diagnostics and maintenance and overhaul services on-site full of their own repair facilities.

To provide products and services to their customers and partners with whom they can build and grow and to continue to offer reliable products and sustainable solutions for the future TT Electrics promises:

  • Producing the highest quality standards
  • Reduced production cycles and meeting delivery
  • Maintaining inventory with short delivery times and customer emergencies
  • Innovations in technology design and manufacturing of products
  • Provide the industry with cost-effective solutions
  • Providing extensive support and professional
  • Ensuring that the products will be flexible and tailor made to the client application and the environment