Dor Engineering has expertise in automation for fabric industry plants that feature the supply of drive systems for complex production environments


Dor Engineering specializes in comprehensive technological solutions for automation and control systems in the cement and mineral industries


The staff at Dor Engineering are experts in providing solutions that satisfy the demanding requirements of the metal industry.

Dor Engineering provides full support for Cranes operation system, development and adjustment to specialized needs.

Machine Manufacturing

Dor Engineering has helped machine manufacturers to provide added value to their customers: saving energy, operational flexibility and higher than ever performance levels.

Dor Engineering has executed hundreds of projects in the food and beverage industry and provides comprehensive solutions for automation and drive systems.

Dor Engineering has been providing advanced solutions for the rubber and plastic industries using advanced drive systems from Emerson Control Techniques.

Dor Engineering has a reputation and proven success in the machine control and drive control field for digital printing machines – web and sheet fed.

Dor Engineering supplies a full automation solution for automatic parking lots and warehouses. The company specializes in sophisticated motion controls.

Paper Industry

Dor Engineering provides innovative technological solution for automation and driving in the paper industry, which support increased outputs, reduced costs and improved quality of the products.

Dor Engineering is focused on high output, large scale photovoltaic power plants where its grid-tie inverter systems are used to manage and efficiently convert the energy generated by solar panels.

Appliation Examples will bring you examples of useful applications to control intelligent integrated propulsion systems.