Sumitomo is a Japanese veteran corporation founded in 1919, producing Robotic & Heavy Industry Gears.

Advantages of Fine Cyclo series: Low hysteresis for accurate positioning, compact design, High torsional, stiffness, Small moments of inertia, High overload capacity, high efficiency, Easy assembly and motor, mounting, Clamping ring design for Motor mounting without key possible, Lifetime lubricated for any position.

Cyclo Servo Motors: by virtue of a new curve profile and precisely machined components, the mechanical backlash on the Servo 6000 gears is reduced to a nominal <3 angular minutes (1) without inner pretension.  The Servo 6000 series is available in with foot, flange and face mounting options, all of which offer: Low backlash, High overload capacity, Compact design, High efficiency, Low noise level, Lifetime grease lubrication for any installation position, Flexibility when attached to all servo-motors aso as a clamping ring design, Max drive speed 4000 rpm (50% duty cycle).